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The JWM lifters
The characteristics of the JWM lifters:

1. The JWM type (the trapezoidal screw type)
◆ The JWM type (the trapezoidal screw type) is adequate for the condition of low speed and low frequency, and its main components are the accurate trapezoidal screw mandrel and the high-accuracy worm and gear.
◆ Low price, compact conformation, simple manipulation and convenient maintenance.
◆ Low speed and low frequency, which is mainly used in the location of heavy load, low speed and no need of frequent work
◆ The load holding: the trapezoidal screw mandrel has the function of self-lock and can hold the load without the braking device
P.S.: The self-lock function may fail when vibrated heavily by a heavy load.

2. The JWB type (the common ball screw type)
◆ The JWB type (the common ball screw type) is adequate for the apparatus at a high speed, high frequency and high performance, and its main components are accurate ball screw and high-accuracy worm and gear.
◆ High efficiency: only a small drive source is need, and great driving force can be produced.
◆ High speed: the speed has been increased much and the lifter can operate smoothly at a high speed compared with the trapezoidal screw.
◆ Long service life: the service life has been extended more than three times with ball screw of good quality.
P.S.: It doesn’t have the function of self-lock, so a braking device or a driving source with a break is needed.
☆ Can be connected directly with a electric motor

Lifting capacity: 1.96-980kN
The range of power: 0.25-21kW
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