Manufacturing equipments

The MC products are all designed by two-dimensional, three-dimensional and FEM software; the specifications, torques and transmission ratios are divided by descending sequence, which is more suitable for the customer demands and avoid power extravagance. The box and the gear and the shaft inside are all modularized designed, which is adequate for mass production and partly completed stock, and is in favor of fast delivery and flexible type selection. A non-standard design can be provided for customers with our powerful design capability and experiences.
◆ Chongqing gear hobbing machine, Yichang gear slotting machine
◆ Reishauer and Qinchuan Development gear grinding machine with worm wheel, Hofler NC gear grinding machine
◆ Tianjin NC bevel gear generating machine, Gleason and Zhongda NC bevel gear grinding machine
◆ Mazak horizontal-type and vertical-type machining center
◆ LINDNER and Hanjiang screw grinder and worm grinder
◆ Global coordinate measuring machine and Haliang gear measuring center

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