Product Application

The speed reduction gear with good quality of MC is modularized designed. The gear made of alloy of good quality is carburized and quenched and the gear face rigidity is as high as 60HRC; the grinding accuracy of the gear face can be Grade 5-6; the gear face is pre-corrected by computer correction technique, which improves the standing capacity of the speed reduction gear greatly.
The MC products are widely used in the fields of light industrial machinery, foodstuff machinery, beer and drink machinery, chemical machinery, escalator, mechanical parking system, automatic warehousing equipment, construction machinery, steel and metallurgical equipment, environmental protection equipment, power plant equipment, coal machinery, mining machinery, paper machinery, manmade board machinery, car-manufacturing, harbor facilities (airport, wharf), tobacco machinery. The powerful, effective and energy-efficient products with a high popularity and good reputation degree in the world, provide power for many companies.



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