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Shanghai MC transmission equipment manufacturing Co. Ltd produces transmission equipments such as speed reduction gears and electric motors by Swiss technology. We keep ahead in the manufacturing technique and the market share and our products have very high popularity in the international power transmission field. The factory of MC (China) mainly supplies transmission and control equipments such as the universal gearbox, industry gearbox, epicyclical gearbox, cycloidal reduction box and electric motor.
Shanghai MC transmission equipment manufacturing Co. Ltd has modern factory buildings, advanced manufacturing and testing equipments, and has a rich technical force. MC Company produces the components of speed reduction gear and has a very strong manufacturing and testing ability of gear, worm gear, worm screw, shaft, box, blind flange, which are assembled and tested according to MC Swiss standard. All products are produced in strict accordance with MC standard to ensure the MC products have the same quality with Europe and the sources are globally shared.
The localized production in China makes it possible for MC speed reduction manufacturing Co. Ltd to supply products as the local customers require in very short time. Meanwhile, we provide good after-sale services timely and effectively to solve problems for the customers.
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